Expect Your Roofing Contractor in South Bend to Review the Four Parts of Your Roofing Systems

When we’re watching the first winter weather band makes its way across Chicago and head here, you don’t want to get caught with roofing worries. What do you know about your roof? If you’re concerned about making it through another winter with your current roof, one of our roofing contractors in South Bend are available to make a free roof inspection. They’re looking at more than your shingles, they’ll consider your entire 4-part roofing system. Let’s run through the components together:

There are four main players for your roofing system: underlayment, starter shingles, roof shingles, and hip and ridge shingles. Here in South Bend, Mishawaka, Elkhart, Plymouth and the surrounding areas in Indiana, or around Niles, Michigan, your complete roofing system needs to be in order for winter. Let’s explore the different roles to the layers of a roofing system, and how they work individually and collectively.

Underlayment, your first line of defense. Underlayment protects your roof when it’s exposed to the elements. This should be a rare event, but during the initial roofing or reroofing period when shingles haven’t been installed yet, or if you experience extreme weather and lose shingles, the underlayment is the only barrier between the deck of your roof and the elements. The underlayment will prevent water from penetrating the home, which protects against water and moisture damage.

Starter Shingles, securing the perimeter. Starter shingles are installed at the perimeter of the roof, they help secure vulnerable areas such as the eaves and rakes. These are the locations rain typically flows the heaviest and need some additional protection. In nasty weather, starter shingles also play an essential role in halting shingle blow-offs.

Roof Shingles, your most visible roof layer. Shingles are the most visible and most versatile layer of the roofing system. In addition to aesthetic appeal, shingles protect the roof from the impact of hail, penetration of wind-driven rain and uplift from strong winds. Shingles can even prevent the growth of black streaks caused by algae. These are definitely your most visible point of your roofing system.

Hip and Ridge Shingles, the finishing touch. Your hip and ridge shingles are the final touches added to your roof to give it a final seal against the elements. They tie the look of the roof together provide added security against rain and high winds.

If you have any concerns about any element of your roofing system, call one of our roofing contractors for a free inspection or estimate today. We want you to head into the winter season fully confident in the ability of your roof to keep you safe and dry.