What to Look for When You’re Considering Roof Replacement in South Bend

If you’re looking ahead to home improvement projects for the year, ask yourself if your roof has been sending you signals that it’s time for roof replacement in South Bend. From obvious to subtle, there are many ways your roof will signal that it is time to call a roofing contractor. Many homeowners know to call when there is water damage in their home, but are you familiar with the following 5 signs?

  1. Visible Algae Growth. Sometimes seen as clumps of algae, it can also look like staining or streaking on the shingles. Algae love shaded roof surfaces, usually under tall trees. Algae colonies, once established, will feed on shingle materials and shorten the lifespan of your roof.
  2. Damage to Roof Valleys. The valleys of your roof see more water flow than your flat sections. Rain and melting winter snow follow gravity into the valleys of your roof. Cracking and damage in your valley will lead to water damage inside your home.
  3. Shingle Granules in Run Off. Have you seen shingle granules near your gutter downspouts, or noticed them in the gutter themselves? These granules, which look like large grains of sand, play an important role in the integrity of your shingles. Your roof will naturally loose some granules annually, but if you’ve seen a large uptick in the quantity, take note. When your roof is at the end of its life cycle it will shed more granules.
  4. Damage to Shingles. If you see evidence of cracked, torn, bald, blistering or buckling shingles, your roof needs either repair or replacement. Although there are rare exceptions, damaged shingles usually indicate that your shingles have reached the end of their lifespan and are no longer effective at protecting your home.
  5. Missing Shingles. When you have missing shingles, snow, ice and water have access to your underlayment, roof deck, and attic spaces. This is the most obvious sign that your roof needs immediate attention.

If you’ve noticed any of these signs on your roof, you can schedule our expert roofing contractors in South Bend to come out and perform a free roof inspection. With over a century of experience, Sherriff-Goslin can offer solutions to all of your roof replacement needs.